blogger´s quilt festival – spring 2010

Today I write in english.

The reason I do so, is Amy´s Quilt Festival. It´s the third time I participate and its always a pleasure to choose on of my quilts and write a little bit of it´s history.

For this spring festival, I choose a custom-made Quilt I made last year. I simply named it “ZigZag Quilt”…

It all started with 432 triangles. (yes, 432, it´s correct!)

The fabrics and colorway were decided between me and the costumer who ordered the Quilt. It´s a very nice mix of different fabrics, raging from Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross and Kaffe Fassett.

I pieced it row by row, and each one was hang on my workroom.

I tried to match the fabrics getting as much contrast as possible, sprecially beacuse I had a chalenge with this Quilt…

If you look closer, you can see some triangles in each row that look like “the odd one out”. This is because I was supposed to use some old family fabric to incorporate in this family quilt, in order to make it even more sprecial.

First I thought about making a whole row with those fabrics, but I ended up spreading them all over the quilt, looking like mismatched patches.

It is machine quilted, highlighting the zigzag pattern.

Measures 1,40m x 2,25m, it´s quite big…

The biggest difficulty was taking a good picture, but it took me 3 months to finish.

Now it lives in Italy, and I know it´s quite loved by it´s new family :)

Thank you Amy, for the opportunity to go into my photo album and bring one of my quilts to the daylight!

It´s always a pleasure to participate in your festivals :)


  1. what a nice quilt. i love that it’s included family fabric–such a special touch. thanks for sharing your process for the quilt–very interesting. come visit my site. i’m having a little giveaway this week.


  2. It looks amazing in all those wonderful fabrics used! This quilt is on my “must make” list and I hope it comes out as beautiful as yours did.


  3. love the fabric choices for your zigzag quilt…..and the quilt itself looks awesome….with the person laying on it, they make it look like a great picnic quilt for a day in the park!


  4. adorei! os tecidos são alguns dos meus favoritos! o mais interessante, contudo, é olhar para este quilt e notar que foi feito por si (ti), porque deixa(s) sempre uma marca muito pessoal em tudo o que faz(es). :)



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