blogger´s quilt festival – spring 2010

Today I write in english.

The reason I do so, is Amy´s Quilt Festival. It´s the third time I participate and its always a pleasure to choose on of my quilts and write a little bit of it´s history.

For this spring festival, I choose a custom-made Quilt I made last year. I simply named it “ZigZag Quilt”…

It all started with 432 triangles. (yes, 432, it´s correct!)

The fabrics and colorway were decided between me and the costumer who ordered the Quilt. It´s a very nice mix of different fabrics, raging from Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross and Kaffe Fassett.

I pieced it row by row, and each one was hang on my workroom.

I tried to match the fabrics getting as much contrast as possible, sprecially beacuse I had a chalenge with this Quilt…

If you look closer, you can see some triangles in each row that look like “the odd one out”. This is because I was supposed to use some old family fabric to incorporate in this family quilt, in order to make it even more sprecial.

First I thought about making a whole row with those fabrics, but I ended up spreading them all over the quilt, looking like mismatched patches.

It is machine quilted, highlighting the zigzag pattern.

Measures 1,40m x 2,25m, it´s quite big…

The biggest difficulty was taking a good picture, but it took me 3 months to finish.

Now it lives in Italy, and I know it´s quite loved by it´s new family :)

Thank you Amy, for the opportunity to go into my photo album and bring one of my quilts to the daylight!

It´s always a pleasure to participate in your festivals :)


  1. what a nice quilt. i love that it’s included family fabric–such a special touch. thanks for sharing your process for the quilt–very interesting. come visit my site. i’m having a little giveaway this week.


  2. love the fabric choices for your zigzag quilt…..and the quilt itself looks awesome….with the person laying on it, they make it look like a great picnic quilt for a day in the park!


  3. adorei! os tecidos são alguns dos meus favoritos! o mais interessante, contudo, é olhar para este quilt e notar que foi feito por si (ti), porque deixa(s) sempre uma marca muito pessoal em tudo o que faz(es). :)



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