blogger´s quilt festival

Today I post in english :)

The reason I do so, is beacuse of my submission to the great “Blogger´s Quilt Festival”, that Amy from Park City Girl is greatfully hosting.

First I tought to submit my latest quilt – I really love it, and so seams many of my readers :)

But enough is enough, and I have another great quilt that I really, really love, my “dutchman´s puzzle quilt”:

I finished it last halloween, exactly on the 31st October.

It took me about 6 months to c0mplete (between other projects) and started with this color combination:

All wonderfull fabrics, with typical autum colors: brown, orange & yellow.

Then it started to gain some shape, although I was not sure about the final outcome.

I ended up making a dutchman´s puzzle, beacuse – call me crazy – I love sewing patchwork triangles.

I started playing with the fabrics and these were the firts blocks to be born:

Some numbers:

It has 24 blocks (none of them is exactly alike), 192 big triangles, 384 small ones, and a total of 9 different fabrics.

It measures 1.60m x 2.35m.

Despite the many solicitations, I couldn´t separate myself from this beauty and I didn´t sell it.

It lives on the twin boys´ room, and they love it :)

This is the final picture, on my rooftop:


  1. Oh how wonderful. This quilt is so much larger than I first thought. When I saw the final photo, I got a better idea of the size. It is really eyecatching with all those pointed triangles.


  2. A great quilt and I am sure wherever it lives everyone will be grateful for the bright colors and the intricate puzzle patches.
    How fun to see sewing from far and wide. Thank you so much for all your sharing.


  3. The color combinations definitely make me think of autumn and Halloween. All those triangles are so well done – I’m a beginner and not up to triangles yet :) so I really appreciate the work that goes into a quilt like this. Thanks for showing it to us (and for posting in English!)


  4. LOVE it!!! Love the block pattern/design Dutchman’s Puzzle! ; ) I love the colors and fabric you used. Such a great Autumnal quilt. Thanks for sharing. : )


  5. Flying geese are one of my favorite quilt techniques. They look gorgeous as the Flying Dutchman pattern. The colors are definitely Fall and the brown is a rich foil to the lovely oranges. Beautiful quilt!


  6. I LOVE this quilt! The colours are beautiful and Dutchman’s Puzzle is a great pattern. And I really enjoyed seeing the individual blocks. Thank you for sharing this!


  7. I love, love, LOVE this quilt!! Beautiful fall colors and a beautiful quilt. My favorite picture is the one from your rooftop. I would love to spend some time there. With your quilt. :)


  8. Your quilt inspires me to be more adventurous with fabrics. I would be unsure of putting those together but the finished quilt looks amazing. It really evokes the spirit of Fall.


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