bloggers quilt festival – fall 2010

Hello dear english readers! Thank you for stoping by :)

The reason why I am writting in english today is, once again, Amy´s Quilt Festival. It´s always a wonderfull oportunity to look back into my pictures and choose one quilt to talk to you about. Thnak you Amy for being a wonderfull host for this nice event. It´s my third time and it´s always a pleasure.

Ok, so this season I choose one Quilt I did around this time last year. It´s called “Space Robots“:

This quilt is sprecial to me in many ways. Despite the fact that I finished it last year, it was started way long before. I don´t exactly remember when, but I do remember one important fact…

The Katie Jump Rope collection by Denyse Schmidt was just released and I waited no time to order my fabrics in two colorways: red and blue. I remember I didn´t order much quatity, I first wanted to see the fabrics in my hand and then decide what to do with then, like we all usually do, right?

Well, it happens that I was so happy with the fabric that I decided right away to make some log cabins with it, not bothering at all with the amount of fabric I had. I choose one classic Michael Miller print – rocket rasckals – to the center of the log cabin and then organised 2 red sides and two blue ones.

I was very happy with the result, and the logs were done in just a couple of days. But then the worst happened: I ran out of Denise fabric and when I went to buy some more it had run out from every shop I knew! Of course I was very frustrated. I had to put aside a work I was enjoing and wait for more fabric to come in the market.

The months passed, I finally got more fabric but then the project had just cooled down. I was already doing other things and that quilt in the ufo´s box was not my priority.

Until one day, last year, I found a very nice and cheap robot fabric in my local traditional fabric shop, that usually doesn´t carry nice fabric at all! I imediatly remembered the robot blocks that were somewhere in a box and came home with the fabric, intending to finish it.

Well, it happened in a couple of days. I sewed the log cabin blocks with big robot blocks and then quilted it in straight lines about 2cm apart – a hard work ;)

Another thing that makes this quilt special is that it doesn´t have batting. The patchwork is directly sewed in to a blue bed throw.

Now it lives in a little boy´s bouse and I hope it is very treasured – I´m quite sure it is ;)

Thank you Amy once again for the opotunity to know so many creative people around the web!



  1. I totaly understand what you say about fabric! It happened a lot of times to me, and unfortunatly I have a lot of unfinished projects because of that. It´s good you were able to rescue this one, finish it and make something so nice.


  2. Este quilt é realmente um tesouro e é adorado pelo rapazinho que tem a sorte de o ter e por todos aqui em casa. É mesmo muito bonito e especial Beijinho.


  3. I love Katie Jump Rope too! It sure disappeared fast from everywhere. This is a really, really cute quilt and makes me smile. I’m sure it does everyone who sees it. Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story :)


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