blogger´s quilt festival

every 6 months it´s a pleasure to just sit back a couple of hours and delight the eyes with the festival of Quilts that Amy puts together. specialy for the ones like me, too far away – an ocean apart – from the “real” quilt festival, it´s such an oportunity to see and be seen by so many quilters.

the first time I ever participate was back in 2009 (time flies…) and now, 5 years latter, it´s a pleasure to show you my latest quilt:


I called it RAINBOW +1, beacuse it has seven colors, like the rainbow, plus one.

in fact, it´s a color wheel made flat, because it has all the shades of colors you can see in one, and it begins and ends with the same color – red.

it is made using hourglass blocks, but what I think that makes it  special it´s the way the colors seam to dance with each other, and the way it creates an illusion of some kind of a wave. it´s interely made with konacotton solids in a bright palete, and I am already working on a similar one with pastel tones. working with solids it´s still a daily discovery to me, and I am becoming quite addicted…

this is also the first pattern that I have designed and made available, can´t wait to see what others make of it!


the setting I chose to photograph it is my own yard, bursting with greens but with a stuborn hibiscus flower that is showing all it´s glory in this unusually hot autumn.

thank you for stoping by and enjoy the great gallery of quilts of all shapes, sizes and colors on this year´s Blogger´s Quilt Festival!



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