Blogger’s Quilt Festival – September 2017

62/100 #100diasnoblogue

it´s that time of the year when all the quiting bloggers are invited to show their work!

thanks to the effort of Amy it´s a great way to get to know other fellow quilters from around the world and share a little bit about my work.
this means today´s post will be in english, and I´m pretty sure many of my followers outside Portugal will appreciate that ;)

the first time I participated was way back in 2009. I was just begging this journey of being a quilter (whatever that means). since then I´ve gladly participated several times and made many different things.

my work has evolved in so many ways, and I´ve experimented quite a few different things in my aproach to quilting, one of them is working with solids.

in the beginning I was drawn to bold prints with vivid colors, but I gradually became fascinated with solids and all the possibilities they offer.

so, today, for this festival, I went to last years archive and choose one of my favorites. I called it “autumn colours” , because it was made in the end of autumn, and it´s a quilt all made of shot cotton:

cores de outono

shot cotton is a treasure to work with: it´s very smooth and the brightness of the colors makes everything an instant beauty.

this quilt was a quite simple recipe, which proves that sometimes the simpler the better.
it´s made of 2 charm packs of shot cottons, a bright and a dark palette.

I arranged them in half-square triangles, contrasting dark and light fabrics, and built the quilt with them on point, which means that the vertice of each block is set vertically. in the edges of each row,I used some woven stripes fabric, a wonderful print by Kaffe Fassett.

to make the border, I used white Kona cotton. the idea was to brighten up the composition, and I think it worked perfectly!

the quilting was done in mixed technics and it is one of the things that makes this quilt so special, despite being so simple.

I hand quilted all the central composition, and machine quilted, in straight lines, the white border.

cores de outonocores de outono

the border is another print by Kaffe Fassett that has many of the colors from the central piece.

cores de outono

the backing is a sheet with a taupe background and some stripes of colour:

cores de outono

I hope you like it as much as I do!
this is a very special piece and I´m very happy to share it :)

cores de outono


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